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Ophthalmologist in Conshohocken, PA

Harvey Fracht, MD | Conshohocken Eye & Laser Center

At Conshohocken Eye & Laser Center, we offer comprehensive ophthalmic services, delivered by an exceptional medical and administrative team.

For the past twenty years, Dr. Fracht has demonstrated a commitment to providing personalized care without sacrificing the efficiency and effectiveness of the visit. Our community knows this as well. He was recognized amongst the 2018 Top Doctors in Philadelphia Magazine!

Dry Eye Treatments

Dr. Fracht is a medical specialist in the treatment of dry eye and diseases of the eye. He completed advanced training in corneal disease, through fellowship training at Wills Eye Hospital. He has successfully treated dry eyes in many patients who have failed treatment elsewhere. Whether your eyes experience contact lens discomfort, tearing, scratchiness, or general discomfort, Dr. Fracht can expertly diagnosis and treat the problem. Call us! Conshohocken Eye & Laser Center Phone Number 610-397-1747

Comprehensive Medical Eye Care

Whether you need screening and treatment for common eye diseases, an evaluation for vision loss, diabetic eye care or glaucoma monitoring, we provide comprehensive medical eye care, including diagnostic, medical, and surgical services. We highly recommend annual exams with Dr. Fracht as a way of maintaining optimal eye health. Call us for an appointment today! Conshohocken Eye & Laser Center Phone Number 610-397-1747

Diagnosis and Treatment of Eye Diseases

Dr. Fracht thoroughly evaluates and diagnoses symptoms, explaining the risks and benefits of proposed treatment options. Committed to personalized care, Dr. Fracht looks forward to building a productive clinical relationship with you. He ensures proper follow-up until the symptoms are resolved, addressing your total eye care needs!

Our eyes are very important to us and any discrepancies in vision should be checked out by a physician. Regular checkups are also important in maintaining eye health. The following are sections that cover a few of the eye conditions that one may suffer from and how they can be treated.

We specialize in the following eye treatments: