PRK – Bladeless Laser Vision Correction Conshohocken PA

PRK (Photo-Refractive Keratectomy) is a bladeless Laser Vision Correction procedure. It is used to correct patients who are nearsighted (myopia), farsighted (hyperopia) and those who have astigmatism. In this process, the epithelium (topmost layer of the cornea) is removed. Then the cornea is reshaped by a computer controlled eximer laser. PRK surgery offers several safety advantages over LASIK. There is no flap with PRK surgery, which eliminates flap complications that may occur with LASIK. In addition, there is a longer term trauma risk with the LASIK flap that is eliminated with PRK.

However, PRK has several drawbacks. Patients do experience discomfort for 48-72 hours while their epithelium regenerates. Patients typically wear bandage contact lenses for pain reduction for a few days, while the epithelial tissue regenerates. Postoperative eyedrops are needed for four months.

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